Wetback American

I'm educated but brown so no matter where I go I'm a Wetback American.

Who Am I?

So if you know me from Wheatless Mama then you know I have two daughters and an amazing husband.  We are an interracial family and from time to time DH will jump on this blog and let you into his life as a Black man, Black father, and husband to this 1st Gen Wetback American.

So the name makes a bit more sense, let me give you some background.  My parents immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s.  While they both spend some time here and there in the US illegally (they grew up on the border so that was pretty normal behavior) by the time I was born they were both here legally and had committed to leaving Mexico permanently.  They left to give their children a better life.  The opportunities that America sells, the American Dream. 

I hold a doctorate in education and two Masters degrees (Library and Education).  I've been a classroom teacher, school principal, and librarian in various settings.  I have always worked a professional educator and library professional.  More often than not, people think I am the maid.  If there is a less educated White person next to me, most people will approach that person first for help thinking that I must be the help not the professional. 

I know I don't fit most people's view of a professional.  Being brown in this country does not equal professional but role of the help.  So that is why I'm the Wetback American.  People first approach me to look down on me, to harass me, to make fun of me and then they are shocked to find out that actually I'm the professional they are looking for.

English is my second language but when you hear me speak, you can't really tell.  My parents worked hard to make sure I could fit in.  I fit but I'm really accepted.  I am the Wetback American.

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