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Friday, November 9, 2018

A New Era of Boldness

I started the Wetback American as a place to for me to vent about race and politics back in 2011 during the height of the Affordable Healthcare Act fight.  Once that was over, I felt better about the world in general so never posted here.  Then I got a job that really required me to keep my mouth shut on social media so I never posted even after Trump was elected.  Now, I have job that allows me the freedom to be me and the political climate is such that I need to vent and express myself.

So why the "Wetback American"?  I picked this title because that is how I felt and feel.  People impressed with my degrees still feel they have the right to treat me like I'm a parasite because of my 1st-gen American status.  I'm an American but sort of conditionally.  At the moment there is talk of stripping birthright citizenship from children of illegal immigrants.  In that way, I'm safe.  My parents had papers when I was born!  But how long before the talk turns to strip people like me?  Do you honestly think a Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist is going to care about my parents legal status or mine for that matter if they get a chance to harass and/or hurt me, they are now "safe" to do so.  The national conversation says, "Question the brown people.  All of the brown people.  They are stealing from us.  All of the brown people are bad."

I am writing within this blog because there are many people out there who don't know my story and stories like mine.  They push and advocate agendas mindlessly without thinking about the people those policies seek to hurt.

I had been keeping my mouth shut; hoping this wave would pass me and my family.  I was wrong to do so.  That quote from James Baldwin is why I'm writing and speaking up now.  My silence makes be a part of the problem and adds power to the oppressor, fuck that!  If you want to know my story, my fears, my thoughts on what the climate of the world is then you'll find that here.  If you want fluff and stories about my girls, roller derby, running, or gluten-free life then read that over at my other blog: www.wheatlessmama.com  It will not hurt my feelings if you choose to ignore my pain.  I just can't keep swallowing it and then wondering why things don't get better.  I may not change a single mind but mine will be more at peace and that can change the world.

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  1. Never forget that when you share your own experience, it helps others feel less alone. That is a powerful thing. We need to hold each other up in these dark days.